By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' lazy at the sea,
There's a Burma girl a-settin', and I know she thinks o' me;
For the wind is in the palm-trees, and the temple-bells they say;
"Come you back, you British Soldier; come you back to Mandalay!"
Come you back to Mandalay,
Where the old Flotilla lay;
Can't you 'ear their paddles clunkin' from Rangoon to Mandalay?
On the road to Mandalay,
Where the flyin'-fishes play,
An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay!

Rudyard Kipling

I have archived quite a bit of the stationerys to make way for for some more so Check out the new Stationerys Here and also the new site for all your old favorites " MRS MIGGINS ARCHIVES ".

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Welcome to the new site for Mrs Miggins you all know one of the things that I love doing best is making stationery . If you like to use email stationery, but don't know how to make it yet yourself, or don't have the time to learn.... you might like to download some that I have made. the categorys are in the list at the left and all you have to do is click on the thumbnail to download the zipped email stationery. if you dont have a unzipping program you get WINZIP by clicking here

  Please note: if you use a download accelerator you will have to disable it to download the zips.
All of my stationery is designed for use in Outlook Express 5 or higher and is zipped for easier downloading. Just make sure to unzip it into your stationery folder. You can get it to by following this path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery To use in Outlook Express select Message from the very top bar, New Message Using, Select Stationery and from there you can browse to find the one you want to use.

  Copyright Blurb
All stationerys are for personal email use only. Please do not include in any collections on the web or CD's. Do not post them to forums, lists or groups and/or claim as your own creations. Do not take apart, add/remove anything, and/or change in any way. Please feel free to add your own music. I do not claim the original artwork, used with permission from the artists, only the creation of the stationery. The artists retain all copyrights to the original artwork.

Thanks for wading through all that i know youve seen it all before but it has to be said im afraid ..anyway i hope you enjoy my stats as much as i enjoyed making them,,,have fun surfing ...hugs Mrs M

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